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Welcome to Ruby Lounge

Located at the heart of Newland Avenue, Ruby Lounge offers style, atmosphere and charisma. Part of the well established cafe bar culture, Ruby Lounge caters for those relaxing after work, meeting friends or planning a celebration.

Frequented by regular customers, our unique combination of high service and quality food means we are a destination for those seeking something stylish.

We are great believers in our extensive food menu which is influenced by Mexican Cuisine. Whether its the finest steak or sizzling Fajitas, Ruby Lounge offers the finest wines and champagnes as well as a wide range of continental beers. With a venue that was designed with the customer in mind with private, luxury booths, we cater for intimate couples as well as parties of 150.

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We serve great, simple dishes in a modern environment. Attracting acclaim, both locally and nationally, Ruby Lounge is ideal for any occasion.


Christmas Menu

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